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BeneMate brand
More and more products tend to be mediocre while they say they redefine the product.
Benemate is for those who love gaming!
We don't need to redefine it, it's up to each Benemate  user to define it himself. She will be the e-sports partner who understands what you think best and provides what you need.
We are in such a world:
The majority tend to worship and imitate the big brands without personal judgements and thinking;
Most keyboards offered to us are similar and dull.
Eastern aesthetics is declining;
Under these circumstances, we put forward the slogan ‘Make Benemate a keyboard·artist!’
Benemate keyboard is not only a perfect inputting tool.
We hope that Benemate  keyboards add to our life eastern beauty: creativity, elegance, exquisiteness.
We endeavour to make all these good qualities to realize in Benemate keyboards.
Each design is creation from the bottom of our heart.
All we do is to improve your experience and your life.